Coast to Coast operates 9 distinctly different departments.

  • Guest Relations: Greet guests, provide information, handle complaints, assist disabled guests, etc.
  • Guest Services: Ticket takers, ushers, monitor exits, monitor crowd activities
  • Peer Group Security: Eyes and ears of the event. Crowd monitors and minor enforcement
  • Uniformed Security: Unarmed personnel to monitor people or property
  • Agent Group Security: Trained law enforcement and military personnel specializing in effective event management
  • Parking Operations: Event parking and design, coning and signage, lot design
  • Traffic Operations: Event traffic ingress and egress, street flagging, event traffic patterns, coning and signage
  • Alcohol Monitors: ID Checkers, Beer Garden Rovers, Tap monitors
  • Transportation Services: Pick up and delivery of personnel or cargo, valet, shuttling
  • Building Conversions: Convert multi-use facility from one event configuration to another

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